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Senagetaway 2023

Senagetaway 2023 presents…

A Call of Duty

Are you sure you’re ready to immerse yourselves for ten whole days in a beautiful French countryside castle?!

Raving kirtans, delicious food, insightful classes and epic activities! You name it, we’ve got it! Planned with you in mind, we hope to facilitate new heights to your spiritual journey accompanied with the epic Ramayana guiding us through our ten day journey.

Sign up to Senagetaway now and get ready to dive deep into a story of “love, separation and duty” with our internationally renowned guests and all inclusive experience.

Dates: 1 August 2023 - 10 August 2023

Location: New Mayapur, France


At university or school (year 12+)


Includes travel, food, accommodation, activities etc.*


Working professionals


Includes travel, food, accommodation, activities etc.*

* travel includes transport from St Pancras International to New Mayapur and back for the first 70 sign ups as well as transport to and from activities/harinam for all signups.

Any questions? Send us a message or drop us an email!

Deven | 07490956355 or Shreya | 07590589906

Email: [email protected]

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For the Youth Trip

Kids trip Bonfire

No this isn’t a school trip. It’s not even an educational trip per se. It’s a time to relax, to unleash, and to most importantly spiritually and emotionally develop.

This trip targets the crucial formative ages of 11-16 year olds who can come along with friends, and leave with new ones from across the country. The trip is located at a bougie retreat centre called “The Vedanta” which has delectable food, plump cushions, and we have the whole place to ourselves! The days are packed with interactive talks, heartwarming kirtans, free time, bonfires along with various activities and workshops.

Come along “for the vibes” but more importantly “for a life less ordinary”

Dates: 13 August 2023 - 17 August 2023

Location: The Vedanta, Lincolnshire

Years 7 - 11


Includes travel, food, accommodation, activities etc.*

Any questions? Send us a message!

Anuj | 07456846946

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