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The Mentorship System

The Pandava Sena Mentorship system is designed to create a

support network within the spiritual community.

Peers, mentors, and other seniors come together to guide, empower and inspire each other as we dive deeper into our relationship with ourselves and God.

Whether it be spirituality, career, relationships or finances, the holistic approach to mentoring will help one navigate the delicate balance of day-to-day responsibilities with the transformative experience of practicing one’s faith.

Forming meaningful relationships and participating in services/projects will not only equip you with essential life skills, but also create lasting memories. Together, we can grow in faith to become the spiritual warriors we were destined to be.

Meet our Mentors

A mentor is first and foremost a friend

They learn as much as they share with their mentee. Thus it is a friend-to-friend relationship based on care, compassion and character. The mentor is generally someone who has spent more time in spiritual life than the mentee and has the key service to encourage the mentee engage in regular sanga and service.

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