About Pandava Sena

ISKCON Pandava Sena is about you. It provides a platform by which you can connect, interact and discuss relevant life issues with like-minded people. We plan to give you skills and techniques, which are very practical for everyday application. Stress management, How to get a 1st, Components of Happiness.

How many of you would say that you think deeply about life? So there are many people who are like that but have no forums, or means to share their thoughts in real life. For instance, we may think about life from different perspectives, but not everyone thinks this way, so we may not bring anything up in conversation. Psena is about you as an individual, your own answers and feelings, there’s no uniform.


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  • Today's darshan from Bhaktivedanta Manor krishna is as always stunning in pink
  • Today's darshan from Bhaktivedanta Manor
  • Special celebrations for Srila Prabhupada's Vyas Puja day
  • Lord Krishna’s appearance or birth is not like that of an ordinary man, who is forced to accept a material body according to his past deeds.
  • Do your duty only because it should be done, without considering success or failure, loss or gain, joy or sorrow.

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