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This interactive course spans over eight weeks and tackles questions challenging faiths around the world. Science vs Scripture; Why is there suffering? Are we puppets or do we have free will? Why are there so many incarnations? How can you prove God exists? Learn about the science of self-realization in a systematic way and empower yourself with answers to lots of controversial questions.

Key topics include:
– What is philosophy?
– Blind vs Reasonable Faith
– Science and Krishna Consciousness
– Evidence of the soul
– Intricacies of Karma
– Krishna, His expansions, and energies
– Creation as presented in the Vedas
– Modes of material nature
– And much more!

Key details:

– Every Saturday from the 11th of February, for 8 weeks.
– Location: Harrow – Krishna Avanti School, Edgware; East London – TBC.
– Price: Just £20 and includes the course material handbook, as well as a Veda book.
– Teachers: Harrow – Vrajeswara Prabhu; East London – Dharmaraja Prabhu.

A highly recommended course for practitioners of all levels! If you’re interested, please sign up at or email [email protected] for more info! 🙂